1993 born  Arris Catering Equipment®, born  Grillvapor® we have specialised in the production of professional gas and electric grills for traditional and modern catering. Our products are all made from top quality materials and are subjected to continuous testing throughout the production phase. They also conform to all applicable laws and standards in the fields of health, safety, hygiene and accident prevention, and are CE marked according to EEC directives.

1996 - change the head office and increase production unit

2007 - expansion of the production in current office in Cadoneghe

2012 – The first gas and electric grills in digital versions are designed and produced

2013 -   Overgrill is introduced   , new version of grill, Overgrill changes again the way of cooking,. it cooks food in half the time needed by conventional grills. It reduces food weight  loss.

Highly qualified sales and technical assistance personnel in Italy and elsewhere work in close collaboration with Arris Catering Equipment and are always on hand to provide advice and to help you to choose the right product for your needs.


We are specialists in  sector  of   equipment  for grilling, we always offer the best solutions to our customers for all grilling increasing the softness and the taste of food through the high quality of our products and our technology Grillvapor® and Overgrill® .

Our tecnology

We produce the best systems for grilling. We have designed and patented systems for grilling that combine high temperatures (340 ° C - 420 ° C) with a controlled humidification of the cooking zone, it is possible with  the knowledge that  only we  ,of Arris Catering Equipment, have.  They are the result of years of research and development of our products.

GRILLVAPOR technology that we apply to our equipment is the only that:

  • cooks food in half the time needed by conventional grills
  • superb organoleptic properties  (nutrients remain inside
  • reduces food  Weight loss  (average -25%.)
  • Cooking Healthy, wholesome
  • best Thermic  shock absorption
  • reduces Energy Production costs

Innovative construction concept allows:

  • consumes less energy for the same degree of cooking
  • reduces Energy Labor costs
  • uniformity of  Cooking
  • control of temperature using a core temperature probe
  • best Solution about the  thermic  shock
  • best Security systems
  • Easy cleaning


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